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World Procurement Awards2017の受賞者発表-Procurement Leaders (2017-05-19)

Procurement Leadersによる今年度の受賞企業の発表が17日にありました。
(なおProcurement Leadersは英国系のため、英国企業がやや多くなっています)

・Procurement Employer Award - Babcock International
・Procurement Service Provider Award - PeopleTicker
・Supply Chain Initiative Award - GSK (Unlocking Untapped Value in the End-to-End Supply Chain)
・Corporate Social Responsibility Award - Essilor International (Supplier Sustainability Program)
・Risk Mitigation Award - IBM (A Unique Approach to Risk Mitigation)
・Innovation Award - Maersk (Project Holger)
・Learning & Development Award - Flex (Supply Chain Leadership Program)
・Cross Functional Collaboration Award - Brose (Better together! ・Shall We Make or Shall We Buy Now?)
・External Collaboration Award - Mars Chocolate (High Oleic Acid Peanut Supply Chain Development)
・Transforming External Partnerships: Pioneering business impact - IBM
・Internal Transformation: Establishing the function - Amcor
・Cross Functional Transformation: Developing strong internal relationships - Citrix Systems
・Procurement Team Award - Malaysia Airlines
・Future Leader Award - Krisztina Jedzinak, Citi
・Procurement Leader Award - Alexandra Lopez, Cisco
・Procurement Excellence Award - Owens Corning (World Class Strategic Sourcing)
・Lifetime Achievement Award - Tom Linton, CPO, Flex