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2兆円では満足できない、東京オリンピックのコスト削減:購買関連からのまとめ-共同通信(英文)他 (2016-12-06)




“The sooner you get out there and arrive at entering into your various procurement contracts to commence construction, then the cheaper it's going to be,” he said.

"We think that they can make significant savings even in security and many other areas if the procurement starts earlier. The longer you leave entering into contracts, the more expensive the contracts are inevitably going to be because of scarcity of labor and materials," he said.

"We think that it's high in terms of the allowance for overlay, what has to be put around an existing venue," said the chairman of the coordination committee for the Tokyo Games, adding that the rental costs indicated can also be addressed.

While efforts are being made to reduce expenditures for new venues, he noted that there is room to cut the anticipated costs related to using existing facilities, such as leasing nearby land for official parking space.


(参考)OLYMPICS/ IOC urges Tokyo to set budget soon to cut costs further-Reuter