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MITがオンライン講座MOOCでサプライチェーン設計の講義を提供開始 (2016-05-18)




Week 1: Overview of Supply Chain Design: Introduction to Network Flow models.
Week 2: Basic Supply Chain Network Design: Facility Location and Network Design problems.
Week 3: Advanced Supply Chain Network Design: Modeling multiple products, multiple echelons, and multiple time periods.
Week 4: Supply Chain Finance I: Activity Based Costing, Working Capital, and Cash-to-Cash conversation cycle.
Week 5: Supply Chain Finance II: Discounted cash flow analysis and capital budgeting and investing.
Week 6: Supplier Management I: Auctions, sourcing, and procurement.
Week 7: Supplier Management II: Optimization based procurement, and risk sharing.
Week 8: Production Planning: Introduction to Bills of Material (BOM), Material Resource Planning (MRP) systems, and Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) systems.
Week 9: Demand Management: Challenges of collaboration with customers and management levers to improve coordination.
Week 10: Process & Organizational Design: The design of the supply chain organization itself.

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